Hello and welcome to my site! My name is Alexis Jones, and I am currently a student at Hinds Community College in Raymond, Ms. I am currently majoring in music education and journalism, but will be switching my primary major to journalism this upcoming fall. I am a graduate from Warren Central High school (2008). I love to write but I never knew exactly what God was trying to tell me. I've been trough a lot of situations and hard times, but now I realize what he was calling me out to do. I love to write poetry and stories to be an inspiration for others. I hope this site will help you and inspire you with whatever situation you might be in. I did this to help those who do not have anyone to talk to, to help those who need some type of hope or answer to what they've been seeking. This is dedicated to all of you, who has never had someone tell you the ups and downs in life before you got to it, for all of you who hurt and never have anyone to talk to, and to all of you who was never told the rights and wrongs of life. Something I didn't have... Please comment and tell me if I have helped you. I've always wanted to help people with their struggles, at least I can touch someones heart with this. Thanks and hope you enjoy the site!!

Musically Yours,

~Alexis J.! :)