What Happens?? 02/07/2009

This is my first story to show you how the site is going to be based so I hope you find something that relates to you, or that can help you through it!

What happens? That's what one ask their self, when the question "what if" pops up in their head. Since the fourth grade I have had four best friends. We all protected each other from bullies and showed each other that no matter what happens we'll always be there and stick together through thick and then. But, what happens when you go off to college? When I graduated from high school, me and my four friends made a bond that no matter where we are, we will always hold true friendship in our hearts. Three of my friends and I went to Hinds, and one went to Mississippi State. Even though it was a far distance, we held true to that bond. So "what if", that bond was not kept, "what if", we went our separate ways and did not look back at the friends who took you through it all. What would one do or say, what would one think of them. Personally, the bond is still there. Sometimes in life things happen to were it may SEEM that way, but it is not at all what it seems. Some times you have to think about things and say is that really true, or am I just thinking to much. A friend once, is a friend forever. Never think wrong of them, always pray for them and yourself, and hope for the best. Always hold true to friends, for once their gone, they are truly gone. Friends are there to help us even though, they might not be there physically, in your heart you know they care. Never give up on your friends, if anything you have them...

Thanks for listening please leave comments!! Hope this helped someone!!


Hi I am Alexis as you know, a little bit about my self is that I love music, I love band, I love my family, even though a lot goes on with that, um, I love to sing, and write poetry and stories. I have gone through a lot in the past, so I hope I can help someone out there's future by doing this site. Thanks for the support! AJ.